Experience The Ultimate Adventure

Have you ever wished to escape from your daily routine and experience the ultimate challenge? The Signature Selection in collaboration with Feel The Autobahn have the right answer and have launched an exclusive experience in Germany.

At Feel The Autobahn we have created a unique experience package that indulges you in adventure and luxury.” Tino Zovko, CEO

Ideal for groups in search of the experience of a lifetime, or as an exciting incentive for VIP clients, or as a staff team building event, Feel The Autobahn is a must on your bucket list. Powerful tanks, ultra-fast AMG supercars, agile ATVs, Michelin star catering and first-class hotels.

The Signature Selection is very excited to have partnered with Feel The Autobahn and offer this one-of-a-kind experience to our customers.” Ruben Galea, CEO

Feel The Speed
What a better scenario than to master your driving skills at the wheel of an AMG supercar?

Hone your driving skills during a safe-driving course taught by professional instructors and master evasion and braking techniques on several kinds of surfaces. And at the Vehicle Dynamics Area you will optimize your lane changing and cornering techniques, as well as learn the art of drifting on the Wet Handling Track. Finally you get to test your new skills by driving a Mercedes AMG-GT supercar around a Formula One racetrack.

And what about the High-Speed Oval to push pure adrenaline through your veins? This is the absolute highlight of track day as well as an exclusive privilege usually reserved for test drivers. Here you will be driven in the 700 hp Mercedes AMG S63 or S65 around an oval track with steeply inclined curves.

Back To The Wild
Conquer inclines and steep slopes in off-road situations by taking vehicles specifically created for those occasions to their limits. Get in touch with your primal instincts on the off-road track and let go of all restraint. Use the impressive traction of a Mercedes G-Class to cross the seemingly impassable terrain of the rugged off-road track. There is no challenge that the G-Wagon won’t master.

And if it’s not enough, become one with the wilderness during the ATV tour. No obstacle is too high, too steep or too muddy. Equipped with agile vehicles and surplus German Army Battle Dress Uniforms, you will overcome anything and cross sandy dunes, dense forests and oozing mud.

Conquer Any Obstacle
Ever wanted to be part of an armoured division or a tank unit? Pilot a Marder APC or a Gepard tank through difficult terrain, across streams and up seemingly impassable peaks. No swamp, mountain or slope are too extreme for this fine specimen of power incarnate on tracks.

And for the ultimate finishing move, you can drive over your obstacle as you crush the car under the heavy tracks of the Marder APC or Gepard tank.

Indulge in Luxury
End your day full of speed and extremes with an evening to remember. Your stay is going to be couched in luxury and pure pleasure. Each evening’s entertainment program can be specifically tailored to your tastes and help you wind down.

You could enjoy German gourmet cuisine and wind down with cocktails in a unique cocktail ice bar. Yes, you heard that correctly, a bar made entirely from ice! Other options include a visit to a typical German brewery, partying in high-end night clubs, Michelin star dining or shopping in Amsterdam.

Whatever you choose, we will ensure unforgettable evenings.

Are You Ready?
The Signature Selection and Feel The Autobahn provide that personal touch and a level of service that is second to none. For that touch of class, The Signature Selection can arrange your private jet charter arrangements so that you arrive relaxed and in comfort. You will be chauffeured to and from the airport in a Mercedes AMG S-Class. Or, you could choose to be picked up at the airport by helicopter.

And for that special wish, our staff is there to accommodate your personal needs while respecting your privacy and leaving you to enjoy every single moment of your experience.

Germany is not just about Oktoberfest. Be part of this unforgettable adventure!


Thanks to Matthias Baumbach and Patrick Kulik for the photos and videos © Feel The Auotbahn.