The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an independent sovereign state and the most successful international financial centre in the Caribbean region with a stable parliamentary democracy modelled on the British system. The Bahamian Government considers high net-worth individuals that provide direct and in-direct benefits to the Bahamian economy through employment, purchase of goods and services as well as banking and investment needs.

Permanent residency allows the applicant to reside permanently in The Bahamas, pass freely through immigration and valid for lifetime. A real estate investment is an excellent consideration and legal avenue to achieving this status. Accelerated consideration for annual or permanent residency is given to major investors and owners of upscale Bahamian property. Spouse and children of the investor may be included in the application at no additional amount. The permanent residence permit grants the applicant and its dependents the right to live and work in Bahamas indefinitely.

Investment Requirements

  • An investment of US$ 500,000 in a fully constructed residence (vacant land or a business will not suffice)
  • If investment is higher than US$ 1,500,000 a “fast track” processing is applied

Key Benefits

  • There is no wealth, inheritance, gift, income or corporate tax
  • No minimum stay requirement
  • An investment friendly climate with a good choice of financial institutions such as banks, trust companies, insurance companies, corporate service providers, etc.
  • Political and economic stability
  • Presence of internationally reputed private banks
  • Convenient location with half an hour’s flying time from Miami and with direct flights to London, Toronto, New York and other major cities
  • Life in The Bahamas is particularly pleasant, with its laid-back, sunny living environment and friendly inhabitants

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